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Philosophy And Purpose

Boulevard Presbyterian Church Preschool (BPCP) is a non-profit, interfaith, interracial program serving the children of the community. It is licensed by the State of Ohio, with a certified teacher directing each class. The BPCP program emphasizes the development of the total child, including the emotional, social, spiritual, physical, and intellectual growth of each preschooler. A rich environment is provided to stimulate the child’s curiosity, awareness, development of language, and encourage social interaction with other children and adults. Our traditional program guides children to be actively involved in their learning process through our theme-based curriculum.

The children are given independence within a structured environment to explore, create and interact with adults and children. Each child is provided with opportunities to make choices, problem solve and foster creativity. These opportunities develop a positive self-concept and attitude toward learning, self-control, and a sense of belonging.

BPCP staff have many years of experience working with groups of young children. Our qualified teachers participate in in-service training throughout the year, are certified in first aid, CPR, recognition of communicable diseases and knowledge of the signs of child abuse and neglect.

The early years in your child’s life are a precious time. We make sure your child is secure and loved in an environment full of opportunities. Each program strives to engage and stimulate the child’s mind.