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Diamond Home of the Renewed Youth Association (Honduras)

Our mission focus for the month of August 2016  is the Diamond Home of the Renewed Youth Association.  Many of you may recall that the group who went on the mission trip to Honduras visited this home for needy boys.  One of the most memorable comments made by the Home’s director was how grateful the boys were that we thought them worth visiting.

The Diamond Home, established in 1985, provides a place of learning and lodging for at-risk youth which permits them to reintegrate with their families and society.  The Home is a non-profit, non-governmental organization.  Many of these children were turned out of their homes by families that could no longer support them.  Once on the streets they turn to drugs and begging.

The Diamond Home provides a school for children up to 6th grade.  In addition to their educational learning, the children also learn skills.  These skills include caring for animals with the schools partnership with Heifer Honduras, working in a bakery, making furniture in their carpentry shop, and plumbing, electricity, and repair skills are learned in their maintenance shop.  The children spend half a day in the classroom and the other half day in one of the skill sessions.

For just $300 per month Boulevard can fully support the food, lodging, education and training of one of these troubled youth.  This organization has a very limited budget and has had to limit the number of children that they can house. A substantial portion of their budget arises from the sale of their work product, baked goods, furniture, eggs, etc.  If you would like to assist in our support of this organization this month, you may write a check to Boulevard and either drop it off at the office or put it in the offering plate.  Please note Diamond Home in the memo line.