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Helping Others

We are told that we should give in response to what we have been given. Many feel closest to God when they give of their time to help the world around them. Boulevard has many opportunities to roll up your sleeves and help serve our Columbus area community and beyond. Check out some of the ways that you can get involved and make a difference.

 2017 Mission Project Updates

Souper Bowl of Caring ~ We want to thank everyone who donated to the Souper Bowl of Caring on February 5, 2017. Thanks to you our youth raised $1,104.30 and 1,060 cans of food to help fight hunger here in our own neighborhood.  The food pantry at Neighborhood Services, Inc. received 100% of our donations.

Hilltop Preschool Book and Library Drive ~ Our book and library drove for the Hilltop Preschool was very successful.  We collected 85 new and gently used books as well as received donations totaling $95 for the preschool’s use to help furnish their library or purchase books for the children as needed.
Having easy access to books is an important component in achieving literacy, and our donations will allow the preschool to help their families increase the number of books in their homes.
Thank you for sharing Christ’s love with the Hilltop Preschool and the families they serve.

Bucket of Blessings ~ Our 2017 drive was also very successful.  We were able to assemble and deliver 56 bags of cleaning supplies.  Thirty of these bags were delivered to COMPASS to be passed out to their clients and 26 bags were taken to NNEMAP where they were picked up by those customers who had been selected to receive them this year.
The recipients of out bags of cleaning supplies are truly appreciate of them.  The items we provide are not covered by government assistance and are often in very short supply at the pantries.
Thank you for once again sharing the love of Christ with those less fortunate.

Boulevard’s Backpack Mission ~ The purpose of this mission project is to provide school supplies for children of the clients of Neighborhood Services, Inc. and the Hilltop Preschool.  In 2017 this is what our efforts provided for the children served by NSI:

  • 10 backpacks for kindergarten consisting of a backpack, 10 pencils, 5 pocket folders, crayons, 2 glue sticks, blunt scissors, erasers, and tissues.
  • 10 backpacks for 1st‒3rd graders consisting of a backpack, 10 pencils, 5 pocket folders, crayons, glue sticks, blunt scissors, ruler, 2 packs of wide ruled paper, erasers, and tissues.
  • 10 backpacks for 4th‒6th graders consisting of a backpack, 10 pencils, 5 pocket folders, crayons, glue sticks, markers, pointed scissors, ruler, 2 packs of wide ruled paper, 5 pens, erasers, and tissues.
  • 10 backpacks for 7th–9th graders consisting of a backpack, 10 pencils, 5 pocket folders, a 3 ring binder, markers, colored pencils, ruler, calculator, 2 packs of college ruled paper, 5 pens, 5 spiral notebooks, composition notebook, erasers, and tissues.
  • 10 backpacks for 10th–12 graders consisting of a backpack, 10 pencils, 5 pocket folders, ruler, dictionary, 2 packs of college ruled paper, graph paper, scientific calculator, 10 pens, 5 spiral notebooks, highlighters, erasers, and tissues.

Thank you for allowing these children to begin school equipped to succeed.  If you are interested in helping coordinate this project for 2018, please contact Michael Schmidt or any member of the Mission Committee.  This is a great project for older students who need service hours, and we have lots of helpful information to get you started.

Heifer International Mission Project ~ The Mission Committee was able to send a check for $2,510.00 to Heifer International at the end of 2017 allowing them to purchase the following animals for distribution to their clients:

  • 2 Heifers @ $500 each – $1000.00
  • 1 Llama @ $150 each – $150.00
  • 1 Schools of Fish Fingerlings @ $300 each – $300.00
  • 1 Goat – $120.00
  • 1 Sheep – $120.00
  • 4 Hives of Honey Bees @ $30 each – $120.00
  • 9 Flocks of Chicks @ $20 each – $180.00
  • 8 Flocks of Ducks @ $20 each – $160.00
  • 6 Trios of Rabbits @ $60 each – $360.00

The monies were mostly collected in October 2017. These animals will help the families receiving them lift themselves and their neighbors from poverty and hunger.  Thank you for once again showing the love of Christ to those in need.

Clothing Collection Sunday ~ Clothing Collection Sunday is the second Sunday of each month.  Rather than holding separate drives as we have done in the past, we are now be collecting clothing for Neighborhood Services, Inc. (NSI) on a year-round basis. Through the end of December 2017, we have collected the following for the clothing room at NSI: 105 hats; 70 pairs of gloves; 56 scarves; 147 pairs of socks; and 130 undergarments.
Please continue to collect these items, and donations can be left in the large wooden box in the narthex where we collect food items for NNEMAP.   Thank you for showing Christ’s love to the children who are served by NSI.

 2018 Mission Project Updates

Bean Soup Project ~ On Sunday, January 21, 2018, adults and children assembled bean soup mixes for NNEMAP Food Pantry.  They formed an assembly line; some students poured in different kinds of beans and others put together the spices.   They were then combined into one package along with a can of tomatoes and instructions.  Thanks to your generous donations, they were able to make 115 packages. Each bean soup mix will make a big pot of soup serving 8-10 people, so we were able to feed about 1100 people a hot nutritious meal.  Thank you to all who helped.  We had hard-working volunteers helping with set-up and clean-up as well as on the assembly lines. Thank you also to Marlin Cheyney who finished up the packaging with instructions and delivered the mixes to NNEMAP. Thank you for your generosity and work!