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Sunday Morning Classes ~ 10:00 a.m.

September through May


Preschool 3-5 Years of Age (Not in Kindergarten)
The Preschool class meets in Room 203 and uses the Presbyterian Growing in Grace and Gratitude curriculum.

Grades K-3rd Grade Class
The class for children in Kindergarten-3rd grade meets in Rooms 302-303, and uses the Presbyterian Growing in Grace and Gratitude curriculum.

Grades 4th-6th Grade Class
The class for students in 4th-6th grade meets in Room 306 and will begin a year long overview of the Bible using the curriculum Submerge.

Teen Class ~ 7th-12 Grades
The Teen Class will meet in Rooms 304-305, and have a chance to examine and grow their faith with the Sparkhouse curriculum, re-Form.


Parents who have children attending Sunday school are asked to sign up on a regular basis to assist in their child(ren)’s classes.  The teacher will contact you to find out when you can help.


F5 – First Friday Free Family Films
at 6:30 pm in Fellowship Hall

for children of ALL ages

Chairs will be set up. You can also bring a sleeping bag or pillow to relax and watch a movie with your family. Children must be accompanied by an adult. The movie is free!! Concessions will be available (popcorn, candy, drinks) for a nominal fee.

May 5 – Chicken Run 

When a rooster appears to fly into a chicken farm, the hens see him as an opportunity to escape their evil owners. Animated by the team that created Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep.

June 2 – The Black Stallion

While traveling with his father, young Alec becomes fascinated by a mysterious Arabian stallion who is brought on board and stabled in the ship he is sailing on. When it tragically sinks both he and the horse become stranded on a desert island. When finally rescued, Alec brings The Black to his home where they soon meet Henry, a once-successful trainer. Together they begin training the stallion to race against the fastest horses in the world.